About BMX


BMX is a popular competitive Olympic and Collegiate sport that can be enjoyed at all ages and levels! BMX is short for Bicycle Motocross. USA BMX racing is a sport of youthful achievement and the American family. While the young boy or girl BMX racer develops skills at an individual pace, they are learning about winning, losing and trying again. The racer`s family learns that time spent together in support of the racer and the individual achievements is quality time well spent. It is the duty of the ABA (American Bicycle Association) to establish the rules of racing that provide fair competition and fun family entertainment for all of its 70,000 plus members. Currently there are 300+ tracks in the United States.  Locally there are four tracks in the NV01 district open on various days allowing our riders to race and practice 7 days a week!  

~Information provided by USA BMX

About Whitney Mesa BMX

Whitney Mesa BMX is located in the city of Henderson, NV along the boarder of Las Vegas, NV and is a USA BMX Sanctioned track that opened in April of 2015. Home to USA BMX's 2016 Men's Gold Medalist, Connor Fields, many new riders and our amazing BMX families of all ages and levels, we have something for everyone!  At Whitney Mesa we have Balance Bike Riders (aged 2-5, push bikes without pedals), Girls and Boys Novice, Intermediate and Expert riders (ages 4+), and our cruiser classes which allow riders to compete on bigger bicycles known as cruisers that are 24" wheel bases. You are never too old or to young to ride! Are you a mountain biker who just wants to cruise? Join us for practice! Come see what Whitney Mesa has to offer!

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